I once went out with a man who had what I considered to be a strange habit of stopping during a walk to admire the buildings we were passing up. Now of course, I never said anything about it, you know, to each their own. I stop to look at trees sometimes or graffiti on walls and some might stop to look at buildings. I never appreciated the reason behind it or bothered to admire the same buildings. But I get it now!
This past weekend was spent in San Antonio with my mama and I actually found myself stopping to admire the buildings around us. It's a shallow observation but I could not get over how pretty the structures were. I appreciated the use of color and texture for reasons I couldn't explain other than they were aesthetically pleasing. So the long line of pictures below are of those things. From the colorful walls at the market to the weathered walls at the San Jose Mission.

We spent our time at Hotel Valencia right on a quiet part of the riverwalk mainly laying down, reading, and watching tv until it was time to eat. Although, Friday evening mom did her own thing and went to a show while I showered, took a nap and watched a few episodes of Modern Family. I know, you're probably thinking how lame to waste hours like that, but I felt in dire need of some quiet time. Once mom's show was over, I turned off my phone, left it in the room, and met her up for huge margaritas the size of my head (believe me I have a big head) on the riverwalk.

The next day we were able to squeeze in some hours at Mission San Jose. I've visited the Alamo before so I felt it necessary to expand our history tour to other missions. Now, I'm not saying the Alamo isn't great to visit, but Mission San Jose felt less congested, bigger and more open, and the guy playing the piano in the church really added a great touch. I actually sat in there for about six songs and pretended to be on the set of Pride and Prejudice. Obviously not the correct setting, but the music alone made me feel very 1800's.

I mean, tell me these structures aren't just beautiful?! Till next time San Antonio!

Talk soon!