I turned 26 today y'all. I'm not sure when I'm supposed to feel the effect of officially being in my late twenties but I'm alright not feeling them for now. The past three days have been spent eating too much,I'd say drinking but my stomach lining just can't handle that anymore. Family dinner and beautiful colorful cake with its' own little rave on top from mom. Carrot cake not pictured from the office. A breezy lunch spent on top of the roof with an alright (actually fantastic) view of our city, and boozy beverages at Julep, also not pictured. I'll continue last years tradition of listing lessons learned, you'll see that huge ass list below.

(1) Disney channel movies that came out while I was younger still rock, I watched The Lizzie McGuire Movie while sick last week and it still makes me laugh with all the awkwardness

(2) Shorter hair just works better for me

(3) You can climb as many stairs as you wish, but you never feel healthier than when you pee clear

(4) Dating has proven to not be one of my strengths, I suck at conscious coupling.

(5) I can be painfully awkward under the worst circumstances, divorces, funerals, memorials...no clue what to ever say

(6) I love my dog more than I love myself. Health insurance for myself? Let me keep researching…health insurance for my dog, uh yes, sign me up yesterday!

(7) I prefer being behind the camera than in front of it

(8) I love planning things for others, not so much for myself

(9) Heart burn and hangovers are a thing, a horrible, horrible thing

(10) Everything my parents ever said or did really was for my best. Please don’t tell them though, I’m still holding out on the who’s right thing

(11) Anxiety, the frenemy I can’t get rid of but am dealing with much better than at 24 & most definitely better than at 25, so yay for that!

(12) Hot Cheetos with real lime juice…game changer!

(13) I have a habit of not letting my friends eat before me taking multiple pictures if their food looks great. Sorry Mel! I know I mainly do that to you, but girl you have great taste! Lol

(14) Whiskey is to be had neat and anything else is a disservice to it. I hardly ever have it neat, but I did learn that’s the way it should be, I still prefer a bit of ice

(15) Writing letters and notes is a dying art, that’s why I do it, saving stationery lives
(16) You can get mad at family, fight, disagree, but they’re still family, they’re not going anywhere. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing yet....keeding

(17) Friends can become family too, most of mine have

(18) Classical music is highly under rated and shouldn’t be kept solely in elevators

(19) I’m an old soul. I really think I am. That’s the most reasonable explanation behind my being

(20) People that call you boring for visiting museums are people you don’t need anyhow. Believe me, I don’t always find nightclubs all that riveting

(21) Mom was wrong, you don’t always get a cold because you’re walking around barefoot

(22) My aunt was also wrong, aloe vera doesn’t cure everything, just buy the meds

(23) Bitches do get shit done…I’ve worked in places where the majority is women, I’ve seen it firsthand. We get it done.

(24) There’s no better feeling than being able to do something alone. Really seals the deal on adulating correctly

(25) Life is not what I expected when imagining it at 10-15 years old and that’s not a bad thing. Although, I used to want to eat ice cream whenever I wished and now I can and do, so some things do turn out as expected.

(26) No matter how old I get, a cake with light up candles is still THE BEST!

Talk soon!