It's custom for our family to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. We gather at an aunt's, eat pozole, tamales and champurrado, wait until midnight to open presents and then Christmas Day itself is for leftovers. This year was a tad different. No tamales or champurrado because it was just way too hot. I know, super sad face. But we did have pozole and fruit punch so we'll be grateful for that. We also didn't stay up until midnight to open presents. We did our gift exchange and opened them by 10. Had a younger cousin play a couple of songs and the boys play a mini game of pool.

In a time where we're constantly attached to our phones and social media, it was incredibly nice to spend time with family where the center of attention weren't the gifts. It warmed my heart to see the kids happy with a teddy bear or a nerf gun and to have family take the time to choose a mug or book for me instead of a gift card.

If you want to now a little secret though, I almost loathe seeing more pictures of everyone's gifts bundled somewhere with the brands' logos being the center of focus than seeing family pictures. By all means, it's nice to get or give something lavish and beautiful and it makes me happy that people are in a great position to purchase such items. BUT, it makes me much happier to see and catch up with family I don't see often and see others spend time with their loved ones as well. I'll take an extra hour with cousins over a sweater any day.

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Talk soon,

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