This past weekend we had a bit of a cold front come in, we aren't used to many of those around here so we took full advantage by going for a little photo session outdoors. Yes, we could've been inside somewhere having hot cocoa in our pj's and enjoying a bit of girl talk. But instead, we stepped out in thirty degree windy weather to snap a few pictures. What else did you expect? We have pretty walls, cute friends, and a camera ;)

Obviously I didn't decide to take pictures because it was freezing, but we'd made plans and we're women of our word so, to freeze our asses off it was!

I have to say though, I have some of the most patient friends. They were willing to stay out for a good minute while we lost all feeling of our hands and face. Thanks y'all, you da best!

They make reading look even better!

*No stunt women used in the taking of these pictures

And because I'm hardly ever in front of the camera, I had Mel take one of me too.

Alright, we'll stop being vain now :)

Talk soon!