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Hi! I know, long time no talk. I could sit here and explain why I've been offline for a bit but let's be real...it doesn't matter. The point is I'm here, I'm back, and a I have a few new things to talk about. 

I've been friends with Rikki since we were 14. I'm about to be 27 and 13 years of friendship is a lifetime you guys. We're adults so we can admit that 13 years of friendship doesn't always mean that everything has been entirely peachy. We've fought, have annoyed each other and have been bad friends at some point to one another. Her family has not only had her but they also got me for the past 13 years, even if it was headache inducing at times, sorry Rikki's family! Ha! But on the flip side, we've been there when it matters or just been there period. We like to joke that we are the longest relationship we've had but all jokes aside, it's true. We've grown up together. From boyfriend drama to graduations to major life changes, we've been there. And now, we add one more to the mix! 

My best friend is having a baby boy. A HUMAN!!! I mean, it was going to happen eventually but I don't think you're ever fully prepared to see the person that's held your hair back and who's hair you've held back on drunk nights become a full fledged adult and someone's mom. I'm excited! I get to be the cool aunt! So I leave you with pictures of the baby shower  brunch Mel, Chrissy and I organized. We cannot wait to see you become the greatest mom to this little wild thing Rikki! 

Talk soon,

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