Double Trouble

A long time ago, my friend told me about a man she had met. He is the epitome of everything you'd want for your friend. Respectful, kind, and most importantly, he made her happy. Fast forward to this past October, when they promised to continue making each other happy as long as they both shall live. It was absolutely beautiful to see a couple so happy to just be in the presence of the other. 

So, you can only imagine how happy all of their closest friends and family were when we found out she was expecting. But it was even more exciting to find out that there is not just one baby on the way, but two ;)

Of course we had to take announcement pictures! But y'all it has been so hard for me to not post. I am so excited to meet the kiddos already! Congratulations to the Nino's! I cannot wait to see this little family up in action already.

Talk soon!


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