Mama To Be

You'd think I'm being too extra when I say Jordan is the prettiest pregnant woman I've EVER seen. Is she my friend? Yes. Does that make me biased? Not at all! ;) I mean look at her you guys, she is just glowing. In about 3 months she'll have two little humans in her arms and a full house. So of course, we have to take all the pictures we can during these 9 months. 

The day was hot. Hella hot. 102 degrees to be exact. Did she complain about being outside in this heat though? Not one negative comment, NOT ONE. I'm not joking either. The entire session was chill as could be, so other than the literal sweat we were producing, the day itself was a piece of cake. So please, take a look at her session, the happiness and peace just exudes from that woman! And I don't want it to go unmentioned because I do find it incredibly sweet and it deserves a round of applause...But her husband. Cesar, dad to be of two, was the most helpful for lugging stuff around, going on a water run, getting the ice pops, and being her hype man. That's the stuff you don't see in pictures, although she's in the shots alone, there is a real partnership, a real team. 

Talk soon and stay hydrated! 


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