The Avila Flock

Per usual, Houston weather was a pain in the butt all week long. But that didn't stop us from taking a little time to visit The Orange Show with the Avila flock in tow. Mother nature was cooperating a bit at first but just like a child, the mood flipped in an instant, momma threw a fit and we found ourselves with the wind blowing, followed by a heavy rainstorm, and finally just cloudy weather. Did we let that crush our mood? NOT. ONE. BIT. We had lollipops waiting in the horizon at the end of this shoot after all ;) 

So I leave you with pictures from our day with some of the funnest coworkers I've had in a while, the kids. One rainstorm, one broken lollipop, but many smiles later. 

Talk soon!


Happy Fitness Friday!

Mama To Be