Fitness Fridays: Treat Meal Saturday

Drive to Old Town Spring for amazing BBQ, they said. It'll be worth it, they said.

Oh and it was!

Saturday was a treat meal kind of day. Yes, you read that correctly. A TREAT MEAL! I heard the phrasing recently and it struck a huge cord with me. I figure, I work hard so I get to play hard. Bree, Mel and I played so hard...food comas had to be had.

I give the same amount of energy and thought to my food as I do my workouts. Meal prepped food and treat meals alike. As I'm sure some of you have heard, "Fail to plan, plan to fail." I have learned to trust that saying like y'all wouldn't believe. Most of us can't live a life of luxury where we have every meal made for us and get to lounge around all day waiting for the next workout. I stay busy. I work 12 hour shifts, care for my home and my fur kids, workout, and make time for social activities. With that being said, there is room for failure! I highly recommend to everyone and anyone I meet that if you're working towards losing weight/leaning out/gaining muscle, prepare your meals according to those goals. Don't think of meal prepping as a chore, rather as a gift to yourself. Also, it truly does help prevent "angry" situations where eyeballing Whataburger becomes an option during your work days! I'm looking at you reader because I too have been there!

Remember - food prep does NOT have to be boring. Mixing it up is where it's at! I was stuck on eating my Greek yogurt with granola, strawberries, raspberries and honey for a long while. While it worked, I found more foods that eventually fit my caloric intake and tasted just as good! It' all about trying alternatives and diving into foods that you've never tried before. Be adventurous and open.

And when that weekend hits and you know you've given your workouts and meals your all, as Donna and Tom say: TREAT.YO.SELF.

Whatever your goals are, make plans! I know this may sound like everything else you may have heard, but in order to make your goals a reality, you gotta put a plan in motion!

See you next week!


Mama To Be