I first took a SoulCycle class back in September. I instantly loved it. Not because I was great at it (I could not keep up) but because it is incredibly upbeat and motivating to surround yourself with a class that is working extremely hard along your side. I finally decided to go on a more consistent basis in December sometimes with a friend in tow and many others on my own. I swear to you, I thought I was getting the hang of it, keeping up, actually breathing, and doing the choreography... up until this week.

I signed up with a different instructor last night and boy did he kick my ass. The class started on a bomb ass note with him playing Bad and Boujee to hype everyone and by letting us know "NO BULLSHIT!" About 20 minutes in I started regretting that slice of pizza and mini snickers I ate for lunch and the two, yes two, slices of pie I ate the day before. My right leg started cramping and I thought I was going to pass out still clipped into that bike. But, I pushed through it and I cried.

I cried so hard.

Not because I was tired or cramping, but because Kamelle started shouting to not accept the crumbs. He yelled we ALL need to pull up a chair to that table because we are all worth it "DO NOT STAY ON THE GROUND AND ACCEPT THOSE CRUMBS!"

Regardless of religion, you may have attended that one service that pulls at your heart, brings those tears out and makes you ask Jesus (or whomever) to take the wheel. You give in, you push through, and you come out the other side even stronger. Well last night's class was my come to Jesus moment.

No, I didn't cry because of a fitness class, I cried because of everything that is going on in the world. With the inauguration being today, all week I've felt a sense of sadness and defeat come over me. But as we were reminded yesterday, do NOT accept the crumbs. It was an incredible reminder to not take it for what it is and just accept the facts, but instead to push through the next four years, even when we feel our legs cramping, even when we feel we're about to pass out, even if we're not always in sync with the person next to us, keep pedaling! We will come out stronger!

We are all in it together. We are all warriors.

Talk soon,


P.S. - If anyone in the Houston area is interested in going to a class but want someone to go with, let me know, let's be friends :)