If there is anyone who can give Mormons a run for their money on the amount of children they have, it's Catholics. Take it from me, grandma on my papa's side had eleven or so kids who then had about three to five each, who've now had about two to three of their own, did you do the math? That's right, I have a shit ton of family. I typically spend New Year's Eve with some close friends but since granny was in town, I spent the evening at my oldest cousins' home along with a third of the family.

something was on fire on the property next door and thought it looked kinda cool

About an hour outside of Houston in what feels like the middle of nowhere at night time, lives my cousin Jeronimo with his wife and children. The setting is perfect when you need ample parking, running room, and sitting space. I feasted like a queen with too many, but sooooo worth it, brisket bbq sandwiches, a few beers, and a few glasses of whiskey. The kids played a game, hit a piñata, and popped fireworks the rest of the night. The men huddled like cavemen near the fire pit while talking and drinking beer then of course gun shots at midnight. Guys, it's Texas. Don't worry, everyone was completely responsible and shot out in the open land towards the ground and far from children. I actually got to shoot a gun for the first time, big thanks to my cousin Juan, BUT I can still hear the ringing a whole two days later so not sure I'll do that again.

As for everyone else, I've no idea, I basically stayed behind the camera trying to get good shots of fireworks which in turn doubled as my lighting. Again, we were out in open land where there's hardly any light. I wanted to share that with you since I don't think I ever get this personal about my life. But, below are a few shots of family, mainly the kids. They just exude the energy and joy I hope we all enter 2017 with.

Happy New Year!

Talk soon,