Life Lately

I'd be lying to you and to myself if I said I knew what I was doing or that I was content with it all. It's all first world problems and I am well aware of it but it doesn't make me feel the discomfort any less. 

The truth is, I've no clue what the hell I am doing in the professional sense lately. Don't get me wrong, I have a great and comfortable job, there are no complaints other than one, I don't feel enthusiastic about it most days. But what good is it to complain and whine if you aren't proactive about changing the way you feel about things right? Well here's the thing, I've been coming home to watch anything on Netflix and fell into this horrible little routine of office work, couch, hang out with friends/family/boyfriend, then repeat. I put a temporary hold on the things that make me feel happy and complete. So a few things I've promised myself in the mean time while I figure out what the next step is to stop this feeling of being in a funk...

1. Go back to photography - I fell off the wagon, camera was off in the corner, and agenda not being booked since July, I miss it and I need to go back starting this past weekend! (pictures included in this post)

2. Post here more often - not for anyone else other than for me, not that you (my readers) don't matter, I appreciate you clicking and being here, but if I don't enjoy things, I can't expect you to enjoy them on your side of the screen either.

3. READ, READ, and READ some more- I've done better the past month about reaching my goals of a book per week. I cannot stress how therapeutic it's been to read the words of Patti Smith, Rupi Kaur, and Paul Kalanithi.

4. Be more present - I've found myself being a terrible listener lately and not engaging as well when I'm around my loved ones. But bless them for not giving me a hard time about it, they're the best!

Talk very soon!


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