New Beginnings

The weather is finally changing. The mornings are now crisp and fresh, the drive in to work is led by the golden hues of the sun and the soundtrack to my every morning has changed from summer pop songs to Opus 23. Along with the weather come the changes of everyday life. The friends who were once a constant presence have also turned a new page and are starting lives as parents and spouses, others are discovering new passions and reasons for being, and some of us are just welcoming any and all changes with open arms and excitement for what's ahead. 

Change is good. 

I'm approaching 27 in a few weeks and I seriously can't wait. I can't wait for the new year, MY new year, and I'll be going through a new chapter with the wisdom of the past 26 to guide me. 

"And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it." 

- Paulo Coelho

 To work for the life I want and let go of the life 22 year old me thought she wanted.

A welcoming attitude towards failure because when we're not afraid to fail, we're not afraid to try new things.

To be vulnerable. There's an undiscussed strength in feeling ALL feelings. 

To celebrate all things, both good and bad. You can't appreciate the good unless you've gone through the bad. 

Those four things are all I want. For now at least. What are some of yours? Because between me, you, and the universe, we can get it all!

Talk soon,


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