The Color Condition

It would be a complete understatement to say that I had a good weekend. The weather was as pleasant as could be, the sun was shining bright, and the kids...the kids were so great you guys! 

I spent a few hours with Sylvia, Juan, and their beautiful children through their Sunday morning at Discovery Green's Color Condition. Diego, such a curious kid, you can almost see the wheels turning when he's asking something and Camila choosing to stay a little quiet but listening closely to what big brother had to say. They were the most fun brunch I've spent in a long time!

Also, I took pictures while they were in the playground and if you've ever considered taking pictures of your children while they're doing that...be aware! People WILL look at you like you're some perp. To be fair, I would've looked at me like that too lol but let it be known, I was there on assignment! Not as a creep. Okay? okay! 

Talk soon!


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