The Women's Conference

We stepped into The Women's Conference: Taking 1977 Into the 21st Century hoping to walk away having learned things that one won't learn by just reading a few books on the topic and also hoping to be inspired. Hoping to relight our light a little because let's face it, sometimes we need it! And after being surrounded by the likes of Martha and Maria Cotera, Diane Mara Henry, Charlotte Bunch, Melba Tolliver, Rosie Bermudez, and many more, we couldn't help but be infected by their passion. But of course, Frankie and I took a lunch break at some point and I brought out the camera. Like the saying goes "Be careful what you wish for!" I wished for inspiration and to put it bluntly, to light a fire under my ass and get to work. Well, the women we listened to and were surrounded with achieved that and what's to come! 

Talk soon,


Two Peas in a Pod: Arlo and Axel

Two Peas in a Pod: Arlo and Axel

The Color Condition