If that title isn't the truest thing I've read in a long while.

In honor of the unofficial social media holiday, Woman Crush Wednesday, I have to give the most special shout out to my friends.

As young girls, we're taught and almost encouraged to compete with our peers. Who is the smartest, the prettiest, the fastest, the most creative, and the list can go on forever. What we fail to see when we try to climb to the spot of "THE MOST (insert adjective or verb here)" is that sometimes, as we make that trek to whatever we consider the top, we don't lend a helping hand to others making a hike to their own definition of the top.

We all grow up at some point though and learn through trial and error that instead of competing, we should empower each other. Because what fun is there in reaching the top when you have no one to share the celebratory champagne and views with?

That leads me to my friends. I am, OH. SO.INCREDIBLY THANKFUL for each and every one of them. Because there is nothing like hearing that your friends value your work and don't allow you to sell yourself short. Obviously, I'm speaking of my girl friends here. Thank you all for the compliments, the constructive criticism, and the weekend shoots. For the 10 million jumps I make y'all do and for not saying anything when none of those 10 million shots are used. I only hope that you feel just as supported as I've felt the past two years.

Y'all are the best!!!

Which speaking of...these recent pictures were taken in the middle of Houston's hotter than Satan's ass summer heat. But Mel was serving all the pout all while melting (insert praise emojis here) and making it all look hella good!

Talk soon,