2019 Resolutions

2019 Resolutions

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This year, as all others, had its’ ups and downs. We’ll say more ups than anything and when there were low points, they only made for a much needed lesson. After all…

Peaks and valleys are connected.

That being said, we carry on into the new year with our heads held high and ready to face a new beginning. Instead of wallowing in what we didn’t do and didn’t accomplish, we use those lessons to map out new goals and resolutions for 2019, PLUS, a look at images from this past year. Jumping right in!

  1. Make time for ourselves MANDATORY: with busy work schedules and attempts to nurture healthy relationships, we forget to allow times for ourselves to de-stress and just breathe.

  2. CREATE more: More styled sessions and more beautiful and delicious meals coming this year!

  3. Verbalize GRATITUDE to the people around us and to the universe for all its’ blessings.

  4. Cook one fresh meal a day, starting with just dinner. After a long day it’s easy to just grab a hot n’ spicy and call it a day.  We want to challenge ourselves and learn how to utilize what is available seasonally AKA learning experience! Be fully conscious of what we are feeding our bodies.

  5. Making the changes necessary towards what we want. I know, super vague, we all have something we’d like to change that scares us. Change is scary. So, let’s build the confidence in ourselves to make those adjustments whether they are major or minor. 

  6.  But most importantly, CONSISTENCY! We can have all the resolutions in the world, but what does it matter if we do not maintain consistent? 

What are your resolutions?

Talk soon! Bree and Mel.

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Aleali May X Jordan 1 Court Lux

Aleali May X Jordan 1 Court Lux

Holiday Nostalgia

Holiday Nostalgia