Aleali May X Jordan 1 Court Lux

Aleali May X Jordan 1 Court Lux


Our first styled session of the year is centered around Aleali May’s Jordan 1 Court Lux, her second, highly anticipated, Jordan release where she merges street wear and high fashion. Throughout the sneaker you see the, not so subtle, ode’s to both of those worlds from the cross-stitched leather insoles, to the removable fur tongue, all found on the classic Jordan 1 silhouette. *drool* May proves that there is truly no rules when it comes to style. Meaning I can pair these beauties with:

  1. A corduroy boilersuit from, the people that really understand my levels of coziness, Lou & Grey.
  2. A nude turtleneck.
  3. Gold jewelry and hoops, a Latina is given these things from birth.
  4. Bold lips.
  5. And lastly a slicked back bun wrap this look up. 

Combining these things that encompass what I am, and what I like, that’s my ode to this pair of sneakers.

2019 Resolutions

2019 Resolutions