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I've been taking an easy 2018. Figuring out the things I love and focusing on those. I slowly started weaning myself off of the late nights out drinking with friends, the constant Netflix binge watching, and the unnecessary spending on useless material items. 

It's been a fantastic change you guys and can say with all honesty, I've never felt better or happier. 

First up- I've accepted that I prefer days where we stay in and get some reading done. The past year I found it so hard to finish a book. Starting it was never a problem, it was the finishing that I found difficult. But when you start a book club, you feel more commitment and motivation to finish all books selected. After all, what kind of book club leader would I be if I didn't do any of the reading. I've been choosing to stay in a lot more leaving me to my books and thoughts. I'm no longer flooded with the buzz of happy hours or the sluggish feeling the next morning after being up until 2am. 

Joy can also be found in a nook in your home, in the book you're reading, and in the coffee you are drinking. 

Talk soon! B 

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