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There's been a handful of times when I've been asked why I am not the subject for the pictures I take and the images I post. Simple. I don't want to be my own subject. More often than not, I have a vision for a picture except I'm hardly ever in the frame. Instead, I crave and want to sit behind the camera and make that vision come to life. 

That's when my friends come in. I can carry out a vision using my friends as the subject.

But that’s what we’re here for, to help one another, to encourage one another. That’s how it all starts right? Have an idea and surround yourself with those who believe in you, encourage you, and help you bring that idea to life.

We booked Montrose Studios for a colorful session in the confetti room and the great energy was just flowing. My mood music playing, great backdrops, and my best friend serving all the great looks. At the end we had the pleasure of speaking with Maria. Maria is the brilliant woman behind Montrose Studios. One thing led to another and me and Mel wound up volunteering to help her.

We volunteered for one main reason - to help one another and ensure that we do all we can to help our fellow woman carry out the vision she has. There’s no doubt that Maria can figure things out alone and get her ideas up and running, hell she has an entire studio up and going to prove that, there’s no doubt Mel can find anyone else to be her photographer, and there’s no doubt I could figure out a way to make myself the subject. But why make ourselves struggle more than we have to when there are plenty of hands raised saying “what do you need? I got you girl!”

Be kind to each other, try lending a helping hand, and offer words of encouragement when you can. It’s a service to the world but honestly, it’ll do a better service to your being.

Talk soon,

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