Three's Company

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When I was 8, my parents thought it would be a great idea to give me a sibling. Honestly, I didn't know why, I'd come to love the life of an only child. It wasn't that I didn't want one but I also hadn't particularly requested one. But alas, out came my brother and I am so grateful he did. But not all kids are the same. Some kids get hyped about having one more on their team.

I'm not sure if you recall this family shoot from a few months ago, but mom and dad had a little announcement. Well, she WAS little at the time but now closer to her due date, not so sure that babe is the size of a pea anymore. Camila and Diego were very excited to know they were going to be 3 now (despite Cami's face in a shot), you know, finally outnumber your parents! And mom and dad are completing their trifecta. 

So we're entering spring time welcoming all sorts of new life, with flowers blooming, the weather warming up, and Natalia arriving in no time. Congratulations to Sylvia, Juan, Diego, and Camila! 

Talk soon, B.

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