Third Position

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The east end or what is being called EaDo, is home to tons of wall art/art murals. While all are pretty, the 6 year old in me was drawn to the colorful one with ballerinas. The long athletic legs and rainbow of tutus drawing the eye in and making me wish I could do that. But if you can't come close to being on your tippy toes, we can at least try and look graceful in your air max's right? 

Saturday was shooting day and we stopped by a new cafe which actually used to be a dance club. Arlo's closed its' doors to those hungry for a dance but opened them to those hungry in general under a new establishment - Leeland's. I don't say this lightly, but the chorizo they serve...out of this world good! 

Should you find yourself in the East End, give Little Woodrow's and Ninfa's a break, and try Leeland's at least once. If it doesn't live up to your culinary expectations, at least you'll have a pretty view ;) 

Talk Soon!

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