Raw Woman


At one point Alfred Boucher and his peers made sculptures that celebrated women who looked like us. Merci beaucoup Monsieur Boucher, but we have now decided to celebrate ourselves.

She is not wearing makeup, she does not have her hair done, and she is not wearing Victoria’s Secret lace lingerie. She has thick thighs, she has a soft round belly, she may have cellulite, and she has stretch marks. This is woman after not working out as usual; this is her after enjoying all the food she wants and not feeling guilty.

To hell with the guilt, the embarrassment, the lack of self-confidence, the constant second guessing of what to wear. We were all blessed with one body, and boy were we ever blessed with everything these bodies can do. It’s about time we admire ourselves and each other. Soft belly or six-pack, thick thighs or thigh gap, dimples on your legs or dimples on your face. They are all beautiful!

This is my best friend. Not only does she look like a goddess, but she also feels amazing. I intentionally left her images as raw as can be. I did not crop anything, I did not airbrush, I did not smooth any lines. I did bring down the exposure so you could actually see her. I tell you all this in the spirit of transparency. We all love filters but for this session, we loved her as is even more.

Talk soon!


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Mr. and Mrs. Campbell

Mr. and Mrs. Campbell

New York City