Summer Goals

Summer Goals


We’ve done like 2 things and all of a sudden, half the summer is gone. Just.Like.That. This season is flying by and leaving us feeling unaccomplished so far in a puddle of our own sweat. BUT! It’s not over y’all. We still have the other half to go through and you know what? We are hella determined to reach our summer goals. Why don’t you join us and let us know what yours are as well down in the comments. 

1. Do a pool day 

2. Have more picnic days with friends  

3. Read a separate book other than that required for book club

4. Visit Galveston  

5. Get in a habit of working out at least 3 times a week  

6. Make more home cooked meals

7. Make an effort to be the best version of ourselves 

8. Keep with our yearly tradition of waiting hours in line for BBQ

9. Write more hand written letters (really gotta work on my penmanship!)

10. Enjoy a meal at One Fifth before the romance period is over!

Talk soon, 

Bree & Mel

Bloom & Bee

Bloom & Bee

Soda Pop Summers

Soda Pop Summers