Am I the only one that thought October went by tooooo fast??? Well it did but I am completely alright with that because that only means my birthday is right around the corner! Woot woot! (November 14 to be exact) Anyyyways, we waved goodbye to the spookiest month with a great Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). I was lucky enough to make it to Casa Ramirez Folkart Gallery (click here) on Sunday and see the beautiful altars filled with great ofrendas (offerings) and decorated with marigolds. Sunday happened to be Dia de los Angelitos (All Saints Day), it's the day we remember all children who departed too soon and lay out candy, milk, and toys for them to play with when they return for the day. I took a few pictures so you could witness the FANTASTIC job Casa Ramirez does at celebrating this holiday... and perhaps the last picture seems like nothing big, but I attached that little red slip with my grandfather's name to honor him for Dia de Los Muertos because duh :)

Talk soon!

P.S. I just realized I kinda sounded like Dora the Explorer up there…KINDA!