Happy Tuesday everyone!

So just to get it out there...I love food. Southern comfort food especially. An amazing chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy and let's not forget the green beans! Mouth watering yet? Well, it'd been soooooo long since I had THE BEST chicken fried steak, 2 years to be exact. So of course, I took the day off of work and made that little hour drive north of Houston to Huntsville, TX where Farmhouse will serve you the most amazing CFS you'll ever have! I feel very strongly about it. We call it prison city (seven prisons in that small town I believe) and home of the Walls Unit, where executions are carried out. But despite the fact that Huntsville has more prisons than Starbucks, it's home to many great memories and many kind people. That's where I met one of my closest friends/old roommate and where I went to school, Eat em up Kats! 

Along the way, I stopped to check out Mr. Sam Houston who was looking particularly handsome, checked out the duck pond, ate amazing food, and not necessarily in Huntsville, but not too far out...Annette's, the place that looked like what my life looks like at this moment, I mean check out that car lol, all of which are pictured above...including that generic butterfly pic I was proud of myself for!

*not pictured: the mean geese at the duck pond and the nasty pond water that smelled like fart, maybe that's why the geese are mean? Who knows.

Talk soon!