I turned twenty - five years young Saturday y'all and I have never felt as loved as I have in the past 14 days. I had a lovely dinner a week before my birthday with friends, another dinner this past Friday with another close friend followed by drinks on the rooftop, and finally on Saturday I had family over for dinner and cake. It was all just sooooo amazing and delicious and fun. So a big thank you to those who spent time with me and for your well wishes whether they were through texts, email, calls, or wall posts, I really appreciate you taking the time. Any whom, because I love a good list. Here are twenty five things I've learned in 25 years. Looking forward to 26 already!

Talk soon!

(one) my twenty -five year old body can't handle liquor like it did at twenty - one… I apparently keep trying though.

(two) bobby pins do go with the wavy part towards your scalp

(three) if you like things done correctly, just do them yourself…I'm a control freak, what can I say.

(four) no one will ever love you as much as your dog. EVER. E V E R !

(five) your mother will forever be the place of comfort. 

(six) surround yourself with a great support system, meaning, choose friends wisely.

(seven) invest in a good base coat and top coat for your nails.

(eight) expensive candles are worth it!

(nine) the body doesn't metabolize the way it did at 16. haven't let that stop me from late night Whataburger after a few drinks though.

(ten) if you can read, you can cook. don't sweat it.

(eleven) life costs money! bills, bills, bills….to pay.

(twelve) don't hold grudges, learn to forgive. people change, same way you do.

(thirteen) genuinely supporting other people in their endeavors feels great!

(fourteen) not all kids are the worst…except that one that peed in the fitting room when I worked retail…THAT kid was the absolute worst!

(fifteen) buying furniture and home decor can be surprisingly exciting

(sixteen) if you have nothing nice to say and are older than five, stay quiet.

(seventeen) heating up hot pockets or fish in the office kitchen is just mean to everyone! I don't care if it's delicious…it's smells like ass to the rest. that being said i apologize to my co-workers for the times i've heated up any hot pockets.

(eighteen) Starbucks is overpriced. i've accepted, dealt with, but will continue to buy it.

(nineteen) when trimming flowers, you should cut at an angle

(twenty) if it rains, houston floods

(twenty-one) you don't always have to like what you love

(twenty-two) relationships take commitment and hard work, both must usually be done at the same time.

(twenty-three) don't spend on bullshit things like the latest trends, spend on experiences instead

(twenty-four) there are some things that I will just never understand why they are. I'm speaking of the terrorist attacks in Paris.

(twenty-five) turning 25 actually feels great. getting older is definitely a privilege, NOT a right!