So the other day I realized that the Mark Rothko exhibit was only here in the Museum of Fine Arts until the 24th which is already next Sunday. I took myself on a date early Saturday morning. By the time it opened I was there and ready and I got really flipping lucky because the place was practically empty y'all. I have to reiterate how incredibly pretty museums are when empty. It made me feel like the entire place was mine. Which leads me to the main topic.

How many of you feel uncomfortable going to places alone?

I've asked friends before, and a great majority of those I've asked have admitted that they would probably feel weird going to certain places alone. Now, I've always been a fan of going places on my own, lots of perks are involved. For example, when I go to the movies alone, I can comfortable cry or crack up without a partner making fun of me, I don't have to share snacks, and I'm not judged for said snacks. When I go out for lunch/dinner/breakfast alone, I don't worry about how I look when I'm eating, or what I ordered, or having to offer my partner a share of my meal. When I go to a bar, I don't feel the pressure to make small talk, I am not questioned about my lack of desire for umbrella decorated drinks, and I only have to worry about securing one seat. When I go to museums, I don't feel embarrassed if I cry when looking at a painting or sculpture, I don't feel rushed to step away from an art piece, and I don't feel judged when I decide to sit indian style and write down how I feel after enjoying the art piece. Point is, I decided to be kinder to myself this year and what is kinder than setting me up with the best date? By the way the best date is me in case you didn't catch that ;)

Talk soon!