Hey everyone!

How were the holidays? Was it just me or were the holidays not feeling holiday-y enough? Perhaps it's just me. So as it stands, it's Saturday night, our home team, the Texans, are losing to the Chiefs 13 - 0, and normally I don't care too much for football except I'm home sick in bed sooooo, there's been tons of tv watching around here and I'll take all the excitement I can get. While this weekend has been feeling like a drag, the beginning of the year was feeling pretty promising! The pictures you see up there are from a short drive to Galveston we took on the first of the year to visit Robert Durst's old house, did any of you watch The Jinx on HBO? Well google it and google him, he's a pretty interesting character. But we didn't just drive there for Bob's old house, we also went to enjoy the beach in the winter. There's something beautiful about the beach when it's empty, the wind is chilly, and the skies are grey...even when the waters are murky :D I had this whole list of resolutions ready to go for a post but I had to be honest with myself and with you all...I hardly ever keep up with resolutions past 3 months.

So I only made one...

To be kinder to myself.

Talk soon when not on meds!

P.S. What were some of your resolutions?