Christmas is in exactly four days y'all! Have you finished your Christmas shopping??? This year I feel so behind on my shopping and wrapping but I couldn't help myself. This weekend I treated myself to a long break to stop and "smell the roses". I picked up a cup of coffee, parked in front of a strangers home, and walked around River Oaks neighborhood. My first thought was just how beautiful the shower of lights were, followed by wondering how much those electricity bills amount to. My guess is...A LOT. I also realized when I left just how strange it looks or sounds to go to a neighborhood that is not yours and take pictures of strangers homes, don't worry, I was definitely not the only creep :)

Only three days left of work and then on to enjoy Christmas music, eggnog, family, and all that without having to change out of my pj's. Heaven on earth I tell ya!

Talk soon and Happy Holidays!