I'd been dying to see Intersections by Anila Quayyum Agha since it opened and it just so happened that the day I went, it was closed, leaving me with one other option...sneaking over during a lunch break. I wound up eating at my desk taking bites between typing but it was SO worth it! To be fair, I could have gone during the weekend but it would not have been empty like I wanted it to be. I sat for a good twenty minutes to take it all in. One single object, the cube in the center lit with one single light, engulfed the entire room with her beautiful designs. Sadly the installation is only at the Rice Gallery (click here for gallery info) until December 6 but if you can sneak by there this weekend, PLEASE do. I only ask one favor for your sake...when you walk in, observe it, take it in, and let it consume you, but mainly, enjoy it before taking out the camera ;)

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