It's a beauty isn't it? Can you believe people made that? All of it guys, each piece of BAPS is hand carved and was put together the same way you would a puzzle. I think the only bad thing about this temple is the fact that not many people are aware that it sits just outside of Houston, it was a short drive without traffic (please don't blame me if you choose to go during rush hour).

I'll be honest with you all, I am on this little huge quest to explore, all religions will be considered. I have not declared myself as anything, religiously speaking, and I don't intend to discuss too much on the topic because truth is, I don't know shit about anything. So what does one do when you don't know anything??? Well you get out and learn, duh! My friend Syl and I had discussed going for a long time and our schedules finally aligned so a Sunday trip it was! Now this is a throwback post so I don't recall every single detail, but I do remember a few key things.

- The masala chai tea didn't compare to the stuff we buy at Starbucks...It was sooooo much better! Sorry Oprah.

- The temple is just absolutely breathtaking, I was and still am in awe that people hand carved it.

- It's a popular spot for a backdrop. We saw many people taking pictures.

- The temple members were seriously the most welcoming. It was all completely unfamiliar to me, yet they all made me feel so comfortable.

-You cannot take pictures inside the temple.

- I was glad I had my nails done because you also have to take off your shoes when stepping inside the temple.

- I felt an intense sense of peace and tranquility.

But the main thing I gathered from my visit was the fact that one visit was not going to be enough. I didn't really learn much about the religion itself. And I'm not complaining, we were just absolutely consumed by the structures beauty. In order to learn more I know I'm going to have to read up on Hinduism....like A LOT. So if you have any insight or book recommendations on the subject, PLEASE, do forward them! :)

I leave you with more pictures.

Talk soon!