So I spent the weekend in Jackson, Louisiana with a few friends ghost hunting and exploring. Our main event was the Angola Prison Rodeo on Sunday but we made our six plus hour drive on Saturday making a few stops in between to learn about the small towns on the way there. If you haven't heard of a prison rodeo, I HIGHLY recommend you click here and look up the Louisiana State Penitentiary.
Yes, we did it the old school way...M A P S !

Quick stop at the railroad museum!

We finally reached Jackson early in the afternoon to the sweetest and most beautiful bed and breakfast that I've ever had the pleasure of staying in. Our friend Sandra did a fantastic job at planning our stay. The building dates back to the 1880's and the decor, creaking wooden floors, and doors that opened on their own were a reminder of how old the house was. It was perfect for our spooky weekend!

Home for the weekend!
Porch outside the suite, darling right?

We all freshened up quickly after arriving to head out, grab a bite, and take a tour of The Myrtles Plantation. I'll be quite honest, yes, I believe in ghosts. And yes, I do strongly believe that the plantation is haunted. But I won't try to convince you of anything, just try it out for yourselves one day ;)

The Myrtles Plantation at night, after our tour.

These gorgeous trees filled with hanging Spanish moss were all over the plantation and Louisiana

Sunday we had a great breakfast at the B&B, packed up, and headed on out to the prison rodeo. We spent most of the day there and finally started our trip back home in the afternoon making one stop in Baton Rouge to check out the state capital. I can't wait to visit again! Only I hope to go around Halloween ;)
John James Audubon Bridge

Mandatory early morning selfie/only selfie of the weekendTalk soon!