I'm not sure if you guys have heard, but bad things happened this week as I'm sure they do every week. The only difference was that this week, bad things hit home...literally. We had quite a spell of water wash over our City of Houston on Sunday night and unfortunately, it hit hard. Many were left stranded in our water filled streets and others were stuck home while water rushed in. Then there were the few who had it the absolute worst. Eight dead. I was fortunate enough to not have any damage done to my home, car, or person and resumed my daily routine on Tuesday morning. I drove through the same street where just a day earlier, we watched on the news as the reporter helped a man to safety as his car went under. It's surreal y'all.

BUT in true Houstonian fashion, we pick up, clean up, and carry on! What you will also see is a city that helps each other. Volunteers at donation centers, people donating their time, money, or belongings. Regular residents who happened to have a small boat in their back yard and took it upon themselves to go where they were needed and pull people from their flooded homes. The sense of community is real y'all! (enter praising emojis here)

No, the pictures aren't meant to be related to this post, I just wanted people to see something colorful from our city to combat the murky waters that invaded our streets.

Talk soon!