The sandwiches at Les Ba'Gets are bomb, check them out when you can! Added bonus: it's a super cute date night spot for you lovers and friends. We made a quick stop before watching The First Monday In May in honor of the Met Gala this week. I'll just say, if I were to die and come back, I'd want to be Anna Wintour. That woman is seriously phenomenal! Actually, that woman and Andrew Bolton are both phenomenal. 


KEEDING...truth be told I've been having a bit of a rough time lately. Life has been kicking my ass. I feel like I haven't really gotten enough sleep, like I am being a mediocre friend, mom, companion, and overall human. I'm just a little (a lot) tired!!! I know, cue the world's smallest violin. Thankfully, those are all first world problems and my schedule should be opening up a bit soon so I can squeeze in some z's and be more present when I do show up somewhere. Here's to hoping! In other news, mother's day weekend. What are y'all doing for your mothers? Or better yet, buying her or them? If you happen to run into my four legged child, tell her I could use a day at the spa or hell, at least some fuzzy socks and robe.

Talk soon and happy weekend!