I was fortunate enough to celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday with my mama with margaritas in hand and then she gets a part II on Dia de las Madres on Tuesday. For a while during my teenage years I remember thinking that at some point I would run out of things to write her in a card. I wondered how many times one can say 'Thanks for all that you o' without it sounding generic or just basic. Truth is, the older I get, the more I can think of and as I mature, I notice things about my mama that I would not have noticed as a kid or as a pain in the ass 16 year old. So yes, I still thank her for all that she does, but now I can get specific and tell her that it includes but I am sure is not limited to...

- Being the most patient person
- ALWAYS taking the high road
- Being kind with everyone even if they weren't kind with her
- Considering other's needs and feelings before her own

- Taking the time to learn about what I like even if she doesn't like it at all (Sorry GIRLS, 30 ROCK, and Robert Mapplethorpe)

- Sharing her interests with me
- Having great taste in music, art, and literature

- Not killing me when I'm sure she considered it during my teens

And overall, for being my prime example of not only what a mother should be, but what a person should be.

Talk soon!