Houston's been having this little dark cloud over it for some time now when it comes to the weather so I'm actually shocked that our Free Press Summer Festival still went on. That being said, it didn't come at a cheap price, they moved venues to what is essentially a parking lot, it was muddy as hell from all the rain, and we were evacuated on the second day. Don't worry, I had THE BEST company so it made it all bearable.

See what I mean about the cloud over Houston? That's while they attempted to evacuate the park which didn't work out because most of us weren't budging.

At some point mother nature threw us a bone and gave us something pretty to look at.

Matt and Kim brought cute party favors, balloons, beach balls, and blow up dolls.

Modest Mouse played much better than the first time I saw them and closed out Day One for me.

BØRNS was charming and gave a flawless performance. And please note my friend Mel's amazing fairy dust hair.

Matt and Kim, as always, were fun and energetic.

Skies began to clear at some point, you see what I mean about crazy Houston weather?

Okay final picture, Alex Ebert was amazing!!! Dude smells (yes I smelled him and you would have too if you were that close) and sounds like peace and tranquility.

Not pictured but also equally great:

- The National who sang all my jams minus Pink Rabbits which guys, I played that song I don't know how many times after my last breakup.

- The Preservation Hall Jazz Band totally made me get happy feet

- The Coathangers brought all my teenage angst back

- And some DJ that made me bust moves like I was at a rave in 1995