A while back I watched Chef with Jon Favreau, he goes on this tour across america in a food truck making a stop in some very touristy spots. You know, the ones you always hear about having a long line extending for multiple blocks. One of those spots was Franklin Barbecue in Austin. So we made the drive and did all things touristy during my five day weekend.

We woke up and got to Franklin's about 10 minutes before 7a.m., we grabbed some lawn chairs and made ourselves comfortable to endure the long wait. Five hours and a few chapters later, we made it inside for our meal. You guys...that meal was the most sensual thing I've ever experienced and the long wait was well worth it.

In the words of my friend Mel, I am now sexually attracted to barbecue.

Short walk on South Congress during 101 degree weather was also included in this trip. I'm not kidding either. If you're not from Texas, you wouldn't understand, the heat was almost unbearable, I actually stepped into stores for the AC, not to buy anything. With the exception of Mañana. The iced green tea was heaven after that walk!

And I can't get over the capitol ceilings no matter how many times I visit. The history and all was great too, but I mainly go for the pretty details ;)

Other places I stood in line for: Voodoo Doughnut. Located on 6th Street, the kids can practically go from getting wasted to sobering up with some delicious and beautiful doughnuts.

Added bonus, Mexic-Arte Museum. Check it out!

Hope you all had a great weekend!
Talk soon.