I've been having trouble again when it comes to sleeping. My good old friend anxiety is acting up, he's not being subtle, and he's most definitely not being friendly. That's not where I'm headed with this post though or at least not this time ;)

The thing about not sleeping well is I've been waking up EXTREMELY early (or not sleeping at all). I usually lay in bed trying to kill time by staring at the ceiling before it's time to get up and ready for work but I figured, if I'm already awake, might as well head to the office early and get some work done early.

That plan only last about two weeks. This past week, instead of heading to work super early, I've made a stop for coffee and not just to pick it up, but actually to sit, enjoy the sweet scent of coffee in the morning, listen to the cars rushing by on their way to work, and listen to the chatter of people trying to catch up quickly before heading to the office.

The beauty about that extra hour I've spent at our local shops daily is it's helped me relax and be in a much better mood for the day. So shout out to the local coffee shops I've visited recently, you've made all the difference!

Talk soon,