You ever think of something and then instantly realize you're a new person just based on that thought?

Like when you would laugh at your mom putting on mascara with her mouth wide open and then BOOM! 15 years later, you also look like a goof putting on mascara. Or you say I would NEVER do (insert something you think you'd never do) and then BAM! You're walking out of a tattoo parlor with some dude's name tattooed on your ass. And no, no dude's name is on mine, but you get the gist.

Well the other day I was having lunch on my own, I picked out a nice little spot near a window, had my drink and food in front of me and was trying to get the best angle of it because if you don't instagram it, did it really happen? Rhetorical question obviously. When all of the sudden, I see a woman with a baby in a stroller walking by. First thought, "How in the hell is she doing it? It's too hot to be out! Poor baby!" but the following thought guys, "Oh my god, that baby is adorable!"

I don't know when it happened, but I now find children adorable. Perhaps it was when I was buying clothes for my nephew, I mean, baby jeans, c'mon! Too cute. Or maybe it happened when I was carrying my relative's chunk of love over the weekend.*

Now let's not get crazy, I think little outfits are adorable and kids look cute in them but I don't see that anytime soon. So mom, if you're reading this, this is not me saying I want children, this is me saying I'm not opposed to babysitting more often.

Talk soon!
* I say I carried that baby as if I climbed a mountain and all. Honestly I carried her for about 10 seconds then gave her back when she cried and I freaked out. Effort guys! It's what counts.