Saturday was date day for my mom and me, mom and I? Whichever. It'd been a while since it was just us girls hanging out. So as any normal twenty-five year old, I chose to watch The Secret Life of Pets. I LOVED it! Also, kudos to the parents of the children that were in the same theatre as us. I'm not kidding, ALL of the kids were quiet and sat through the entire film and it was greatly appreciated. We stopped for a quick lunch at la Madeline before going to the Contemporary Arts Museum.

At the moment they have an exhibit by Mark Flood upstairs and a Jae Ko exhibit downstairs.

It was a great day. We didn't have any deep discussions or talk about our feelings. It was just us two enjoying our company and enjoying the art.

Can you believe that's all paper???

Talk soon!

P.S. all pictures were taken with my phone in case they look a little grainy.