It was late at night when the thought occurred to me as all my other epiphanies do. I realized that one day, I don't know when, but one day, the idea of me having a spontaneous lunch or drink with my girlfriends wouldn't happen as often as we're used to. We're not attached at the hip but we are in a constant state of group chat because you know, millennials. Having little chatter about how our day at work is going, how the person in front of us at a concert is annoying the living hell out of us, or our opinions on the Kim and Taylor feud. One day, planning a chill Friday watching movies and eating junk food won't come by so easily. One day, planning birthday brunches or dinner will not only include the girls, but it will also include husbands or wives or children.

When the day comes, I will welcome it with open arms, but for the time being, I will be entirely grateful for the stage we are in now. I am grateful for the support they have provided, the encouragement they have given, and happy hours they have participated in. For the thank you cards they have sent and the drunk text messages we've exchanged.

I know it's a brief phase in life that we will all go through, but guys, I'm already missing these times!

Pictures below were taken during a last minute happy hour.