The awful thing about being an adult and working the whole 8-5/9-5 work schedule is the fact that I can't for the life of me sleep in anymore. Long gone are the mornings I slept through, I now greet Saturday and Sunday mornings at an ungodly 7 a.m. I'm learning to embrace it though and instead of laying in bed for a few hours until accepting that I will not fall back asleep, I now get up and fix myself a cup of tea and when I'm feeling generous with myself, I get ready and head to any local coffee shop for a caffeine fix.

This past weekend I was feeling generous! So off to Campesino Coffee House I went with a book and camera in tow. The warm tones and clay mugs just remind me too much of being at my abuela's house, the cozy at home feeling was too real. I then was feeling sooooo kind that I went to the mall and spent too much on makeup and skincare. I couldn't help it guys! I'm a sucker for moisturizers and lotions.