As we wrap up the summer, birthday celebrations are rolling in and this weekend was by far one of my favorite. Syl and I made our way to Austin to begin our friend Birdie's birthday weekend. And if anything set the perfect mood for the days that were to follow, it was the sunset we saw on our way. Friday night, we were welcomed with warm hugs, cold drinks, yummy snacks, and guys, the most beautiful smelling apartment I think I've ever walked into. Mind you, it was Birdie's weekend, but she truly made it feel as if it was all our weekend as well.

The next morning we made our way to coffee and started the ride to Johnson City to visit Lyndon B. Johnson's White House. What can I say, this girl likes her history tours. We saw his old school, his cattle (don't forget we're in Texas), and his beautiful home. The entire property made me want to kick off my shoes, sit out on the porch in my prairie dress, and sip on some sweet iced tea.
Walking/driving around really made us hungry which could only be satisfied by the schnitzel's we had in Fredericksburg. We didn't do a lot of shopping, but y'all, I cannot stress enough how hot it can get in Texas (103 degrees as I type). So what better way to fix that than to go for a wine tasting. We stopped at Becker Vineyards on our way back to Austin and it was everything I'd imagined. A beautiful venue, large fields, and a load of wines that I knew nothing about but felt very compelled to taste...all of them. I wanted to taste all of them.
But I didn't! Because we still had dinner plans and I live on a budget. A lovely dinner followed and then later more drinks. I know, it sounds like I was probably shitfaced by this point. But I promise you I wasn't, hydration is key here!

All good things come to and end though so we said our goodbyes Sunday after brunch and drove back to our sweet city of Houston were I was greeted with all the humidity and a strange man waaaaay too close for my taste on the road. Seriously y'all, had my window been open, I'm certain I would've smelled his breath. But Houston, I love you!

Talk soon!