Friday Night Lights

I'm not sure how familiar you are with Texas but everything you've watched in movies or tv shows is not entirely wrong. We love our BBQ, we love our sweet tea, and we love our football. We are also more than that, but for this post we're only covering this little Friday night activity. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.
I'll be very honest with you though, I don't know the rules to the game, let alone understand it. But I was invited to go watch the undefeated Mavericks play against the once undefeated Buffalos (they lost this one), and I couldn't think of a better way to spend this Friday night.

You'll see many locals who go every Friday night, Maverick gear in tow. The dance team and band finally getting to present what they work so hard at practicing. And proud papa's yelling from the stands at the boys on the field.

I broke my diet for some BBQ nachos, yes that's a thing, and an ice cold soda. Had a nice conversation with that adorable nugget you see up there about her barrel racing practices, yes also a thing, and ended the night with incredible stories about prison guard life.