Fall officially started on Thursday and somehow, Houston hasn't gotten the memo. The pictures in this post were taken on what I felt was the most humid day in the entire year. Pardon my language but that weather was the absolute fucking worst. At the end of that short walk around downtown, my makeup had worn off, my hair looked slicked back, and we were suffering from major swamp ass. Don't know what that is? Google it, it's unpleasant.
Also, how awesome does this woman's blazer look against those walls?! Loving all that color! And the woman with bright laces...Absolutely rocking it!

I don't frequent downtown Houston all that much so no clue when all this art happened...but I'm all for it! Michael Rodriguez for the win though.

I was a little tempted by the bikes but those black seats attracted so much heat, there was no way I was going to sit on it. Not worth it guys, not worth it. So the purpose of the trip downtown was to visit the Chase tower but it was closed to the public. Instead we roamed a bit and purposely ended up at Frank's pizza. Had two slices too many and I regret NOTHING! :)

Friday Night Lights