When you step into Cafeza, you feel as if you’re arriving at a friend’s home. You’ll hear music that isn’t meant to simply stay in the background and a friendly face will ask how you are and what it is you’d like from their kitchen. You just instantly feel at home.

I had the pleasure of spending an early morning there snacking on a chorizo and egg empanada which closely rivaled my mother’s own cooking, while sipping on warm peach tea and getting some reading done. The place was practically empty, don’t worry, the clientele is not missing, it was just incredibly early.

About halfway through my empanada, people started rolling out of bed and into the shop. A father with his baby, a woman looking fresh out of yoga, a student trying to find the closest connection for his computer, and a business man stopping on his way into the office.

When you get a chance, please visit our new neighbor for a cup of coffee or maybe even a beer. Make sure you stay there for a little while and you might get lucky with the best host I’ve ever seen. A two-year-old lively girl, the owner’s daughter, might just greet you and make you happy with the fact that you’re spending your money here, locally.

Talk soon and support local y’all!