I grew up around hispanics and mainly Mexicans. I was raised by them, went to school where the majority were hispanic all through high school, and I grew up in an area where you can find a taco stand on every corner... Shout out to El Taco Loco! ;)

So you've got to understand how shocked I was when a coworker seemed lost when I said I had a relative's quinceanera to go to. I couldn't believe anyone in Texas didn't know what that was sooooo...I'm gonna show you a bit about it.

You're welcome.

It all starts at a Catholic service dedicated entirely to the young girl or girls (you can have a private service if you so choose). The priest gives his sermon about becoming a woman although I never got that part because duh, he's a man, what does he know?? and being a woman of God, you know, Catholic stuff. This is also the most significant part for most parents as the priest gives the girl his blessing.

She then gets to be fancy and ride a limo or a very nice car and go to a place of her choosing where a photographer will do a mini shoot with her and her court/family that follows.
THEN comes the fun!

An entire party is thrown in her honor with food, fancy attire, and in some cases, tons of booze. Obviously the booze is for the adults. She gets to wear a huge ass pretty ballgown, dance a ton, put on a performance with her court for her guests, she dances the last doll dance (she's becoming a woman so no more dolls), gets her first pair of heels (again, she's becoming a woman she can now wear heels and not just flats), gets a ton of presents/money, then the party is over and she gets to get a job/grow up and never fit into that dress again. Or was that just me????

So that's the gist! I could go into more detail, but I'm just better at covering major points. Also, huge robots with predator's hair are included in the party. Things sure have changed in the last decade.

Hablamos pronto!