Hey stranger!

I've been a bit absent from blogging the past few weeks. A dear close friend of mine decided that it was time to say 'I do' and she wanted to say them in two weeks or less. That's right, the troop planned a whole wedding in under two weeks. And all that planning came to fruition this past Saturday.

You never realize how hard it is to plan a wedding until you experience it first hand and my hat goes off to the bride and groom for pulling it off. The weekend was just absolutely beautiful. The wind kept the temperature at a lovely 70-ish degrees, the windows enclosing the beach house gave some incredibly views, and that deck...that deck is what lazy Sunday dreams are made of.

I had the privilege of wearing the hat of wedding planner and photographer the day of. I wish I could show you all the pictures from the entire weekend, but let's be real, you'd be stuck on this post until their vow renewals. So you get to see a snippet of what I was working on the past few weeks. Mainly because I'm proud that the pictures didn't come out too shabby, after all, this is my first rodeo and I am way far from a wedding photographer but also because my friends looked gorgeous and happy. And who doesn't like to see the people they love happy?!

I wish my friends the absolute best of what life has to offer you, I cannot think of a more deserving couple for such a beautiful evening. Thank you for having us.

Talk soon!