We're going to have to back track a few weeks for this one...

It was one of those awful weeks, you know, the ones where you question everything you're doing and how and why. The kind where by Tuesday you want to cry because it's not Friday night yet. We've all had one.

So when I got the message for free VIP tickets to the Texas Contemporary art show in town, I just about died. We had galleries visiting from all over, not just from the states.

As always, a best girlfriend in tow, Mel was my date for the weekend. I spent hours admiring all pieces. Those from the Nil Gallery

Took a short break to grab a gin and tonic and regroup before going back for round two the last day.

Now mind you, these are only a handful of shots from the thousands of pieces that were shown that weekend. But for my first time, the show did not disappoint.

Talk soon and until next year Texas Contemporary!